Internet of Things (IoT), What? Why?

IoTI’ll be talking about the Internet of Things in a couple of posts, so stay tuned to the upcoming posts of this series of Internet of Things.

In this blog we will be walking through the definition of Internet of Things and what does that mean.
In the few past months we heard “Internet of Things” lots of times, but not all of us knows exactly what does it mean actually, so let’s get started with a very simple question:

What is Internet of Things?

Actually the term “Internet of Things” is not new because many years ago(Almost 20) MIT professor described a world where “things” are connected and able to share data, and “things” here means (devices or sensors) and this data coming from the “things” provide business insights that were previously out of reach. and by analyzing this data coming from the connected devices, is what the Internet of Things is all about.

So, Internet of Things in one sentence briefly is: “Analyzing and harnessing the invaluable data coming form connected devices(things).

Now, let’s figure out the life cycle of an IoT Solution:

IoT Solution Life Cycle:

First Stage is the “things” – connected devices, these devices collect data base upon an action and based upon the function of this device, for example: temperature sensor, is a device and this sensor collect data such as the temperature of the room – this is the first stage.

Second Stage is storing this collected data coming from the connected device (temperature sensor in our case), and we can collect this data in the cloud (and this is the best approach for big solutions, which needs a flexible storage and bigger).

Third Stage is analyzing and processing the stored data and then send the only necessary data to the consumer (like a notification or whatever), and the consumer here could be a website, smart phone, or a computer and so on.
and the notification sent here in most cases is followed by an action from another device or from the consumer itself.

For Example, if the temperature sensor read a very high heat, then a data will be sent and stored in the cloud saying that the room temperature is very high, at this point we can send two notifications after processing this insight, one the a consumer on his smart phone warning him, and one to another device to cool the place or to a fire system or whatever the scenario is.

So, by using IoT solution you saved a place from the fire without any physical efforts and only with some connected devices.

This is the powerful if Internet of Things. 🙂

NOTE: There are billions or trillions of scenarios much larger for businesses that could save a fortune in seconds.

Just go and create the Internet of your Things  😉

And now after the announcements of Windows 10 features, it will be awesome to use IoT with Windows 10 😀
Just watch this video, to get inspired 😉


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