Windows Game Development With Unity3D

I just wanted to share these helpful resources to get started in Developing Windows Games and for familiar to Game Development there many helpful resources too to advance your experience. 

Beginner tutorials

Intermediate tutorials

Project based training – learn by doing

Video based tutorials

Unity3D component tutorials

Unity3D master sites – Unity training is just their thing

Unity3D paid for training

Scripting links and help

Shader help and tutorials

Performance and architecture

Platform specific

Animation and Mecanim

Generic Tips and Tricks

Multiplayer tutorials

Unity Extensions

Tools for Visual Programming:

Music and Audio

Unity addons and engines

Help and forums


Other things to check

Copied – Thanks to Lee Stott.


4 thoughts on “Windows Game Development With Unity3D

  1. Great list, Mohamed! We’re honored to have made it in there – thanks!


  2. Muhammad Emam you really done a great job will you tell me what SDK and others tools i will need when i will port my project on window store using unity?


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