Privacy Policy and About Charm

Actually, i found many developers face this problem while uploading their Apps to the Store:

So, this problem is because you didn’t add a Privacy Policy to your App.
p6 p7

Let’s know how to add the privacy policy:

  • In you Project In Visual Studio, in the Solution Explorer, open App.xaml.cs and add these namespaces:
  • and then, add this block of code in Sealed partial class:

and now, you have already added the privacy policy to your app.
while uploading your app to the store you must provide the privacy policy link in the “Description Panel” with the same you typed in your app.

Now, Let’s know how to add About Charm to your App:

  1. Open your Windows Store app project you created in Visual Studio.
  2. Select the Project menu, and click Add New Item. An Add New Item dialog box appears. (You can also use the shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+A, to open this dialog box.)p2
  3. In the Visual C# pane, select Windows Store.
  4. From the center pane, scroll down and select Settings Flyout.
  5. Name the Setting Flyout “About”.

This Page will appear, you can control it like any xaml page.


now, open App.xaml.cs and add this block of code:


Now, you have already added the About Charm to your App.

Here’s the source code of the sample.

Feel free to contact me, if you need any support 🙂


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