What is Object-Oriented Programming ?

13261349-chalk-writing-of-oop-for-object-oriented-programming-on-a-blackboard Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a computer-programming methodology that emphases on data items rather than processes. Traditionally, software development models are based on a top-down approach, which starts with a functional description of a system and then refined until implementation is achieved. As Computers increase in processing power, the software they execute becomes more complex. This increase of complexity comes at cost of large programs with huge codebases that quickly become difficult to understand, maintain and keep bug-free. OOP tries to ease this problem by creating linkages between objects. It focuses first on data items (objects) that are being manipulated. The emphasis is on characterizing data items as active entities, which can perform operations on and for themselves. It then describes how system behavior is implemented through the interaction of the data items.

Stay tuned to learn more about  OOP. 🙂



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